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Matatus To Resume Full Carrying Capacity Starting On Monday

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Matatus to resume full passengers carrying capacity starting Monday, 9th August. According to the Transport Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Chris Obure, matatu operators would be required to sign an MoU with the government to ascertain that they will comply with the set rules.

The decision followed a consultative meeting between the Ministry of Transport and the Matatu Owners Association with several regulations set to ensure compliance in curbing the spread of COVID.

Some of the regulations set include;

  • All passengers to be hand sanitized before boarding
  • All passengers wear masks properly (covering mouth and nose) while in the vehicle
  • Proper air ventilation of the vehicle while on transit to minimize air re-circulation and allow the use of fresh air
  • All passengers are thoroughly screened for high temperatures using a contact free thermometer
  • No hawking, preaching or begging onboard the vehicle in order to reduce the risk of contamination while on transit
  • The crew to ensure that the vehicle is disinfected after every trip
  • All passengers to wear 3-ply surgical masks at all times during the period of the journey
  • The PSV SACCOs and Companies to encourage use of cashless payment systems that will support contact tracing to enable medical officials track passengers in the event a covid-19 case is established

Obure cautioned transport Saccos whose members will not adhere to the agreed self-regulation mechanisms shall have their operating licenses revoked.

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