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Modern Coast Resumes Their Daily Operations

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Modern Coast bus company resumes their daily operations 9 days after their licence was revoked by the National Transport and Safety Authority – NTSA following a series of accidents.

The suspension came after an accident involving two of their buses in Salama along the Nairobi-Mombasa highway that saw 7 dead and 50 others injured.

In a statement published on Friday, the company confirmed that they were now cleared for operations and are expected to operate tonight.

This would have made for a long statement, here is a simple one MODERN COAST IS BACK starting tonight!

We wish to thank the leadership of National Transport and Safety Authority-Kenya and National Police Service all through the discussions, we shall continue to ensure the safety of all our passengers and other road users.

Modern Coast

The news has also been confirmed by the NTSA that the company was cleared for operations.

This is to notify the members of the public that the suspension of Modern Coast Express Limited has been lifted.

Dido Guyatu, NTSA Head of Communications

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