Modern Coast Resumes The Use Of Loyalty Cards

by Lord Pinnoh

They are baack! The much awaited Loyalty Cards by Modern Coast have officially resumed their use. The service whose aim was to offer free travel ticket through points allocation and redemption had been halted some months back.

The use of Loyalty Cards came as a replacement of the manual collection of travel tickets to a certain amount and presenting them at the office for one to redeem a free travel ticket.

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The Loyalty Card system is an advanced way of awarding points to travelers each time they travel with Modern Coast. The service uses Smart Cards just like a mere bank ATM cards which one has to SignUp with Modern Coast booking office with an Identification Card or Passport to acquire one.

For one to redeem a free travel ticket with the card he/she should first accumulate a considerable amount of Loyalty Points through through the frequent use of the card on every ticket(s) booking.

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Don’t just Travel In Style but Travel Smart with Modern Coast Loyalty Card that fits well in your wallet. Get Yours Today, Usisubiri Ziishe! 🤪

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