List Of Bus Companies You Can Book From With Bus Kenya App On Your Phone

by Bus Kenya

Did you know with Bus Kenya App on your phone you have the ultimate power of booking from over 10 bus and shuttle companies operating in and outside Kenya.

Bus Kenya App was built by prioritizing the traveler in ensuring an easy access to bus bookings during and off rush seasons thus eliminating the burden of long queues, unpicked calls and the hustle in and out of bus companies offices looking for a travel means.

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Here is the list of Companies you can book from;
1. Dreamline Express
2. Tahmeed Coach
3. Ena Coach
4. Mash East Africa
5. Modern Coast
7. BusCar Ltd
8. Mombasa Raha
9. Palmers Coach
10. Randa Coach
11. Galaxy Express
12. Randa Coach
13. Tawakal Coach
14. Greenline Safaris – Coming Soon

Other App’s Features
1. Hotels and apartments bookings
2. Car Rentals
3. Tour packages booking
4. Flights booking – Coming Soon

Download Bus Kenya App now to unleash the power of booking.

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