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Inside Simba Coach KCU 528A Beast Alias Kamwene

by Bus Kenya
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My first impression when i came face to face with this beast was, “This is an amazing beautifully crafted beast!” The colour choice and the graffiti was way out of this universe. I can say in simple terms that the bus exterior was superb, attractive and carefully done.

The interior is cool with the seats carefully fitted allowing enough legroom(though not enough for the gigantic type of travelers) and are reclining to maximize comfort while traveling. It also is equiped with cool dazzling red night lights that will get you the club feeling in you.

The bus is also fitted with the modern type 2 in 1 charging sockets, TV screens for entertainment and with it are stickers of a functional air condition and Wi-Fi connection which i highly doubt that are really functional – my baaad!

The current route of operation is Nairobi – Mombasa route. Visit any Simba Coach office near you to make bookings with the famous Kamwene bus.

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