Inside Coast Bus Latest Bus Fleet – KCU 062C

by Bus Kenya

Well, the leader of others follow over the April holidays decided to surprise us with new bus fleet of brand new six geared machines. The buses are of epic design in the interior while justice was not served well to the exterior with just the original white bus colour and the company’s name tagged on the bus sides. Justice needs to be done with these buses as the company is a legend with over sixty years in the bus service industy.

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The interior has beautifully designed colorful reclining leather seats – don’t mind the order though πŸ˜…πŸ˜‰. The bus seats are well installed to ensure that there is enough legroom for maximum confort while traveling unlike the chinese imports whose legroom is a sham and the owners do not have customers in mind but money first before comfortability – really dissapointing 😭.

The bus has air conditions carefully and strategically placed above all seats. I loved the new design of the air condition, they are really mind blowing.

The cons of the bus are heart breaking to travelers. Like who seriously would want to travel over 8 hours of a journey inside a bus with no phone charging sockets? We are slave to our own phones and electricity or source of power is now a necessity to this generation.

Entertainment is also down to the grave as the bus has no Tv screens for entertainment 😭😭. I tend to believe there is no Wi-Fi to back the fact their are no screens inside and the lack of charging sockets. The owner of the company needs to do something on this ASAP now that the rush season is gone.

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Current Plying Routes: Mombasa – Nairobi (9PM) & Mombasa – Malaba. To enjoy this confy machine, vist any coast bus near you to check availability and make reservations/bookings.

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