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The Risks Associated With Water Bottles In The Car

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Bottles serves a good purpose as we store drinks to serve ourselves for invigoration.The many who have had this experience know that bottles are not good experience in the care if not kept safe.
You are at 100 km/hr and out of a sudden surprise you need to stop and stop fast so you decide to hit the brakes. You step on the brake pedal It’s hard that It doesn’t even move and inch. Panic strikes you hard. Before you contemplate on what’s happening you hit the object, the car  or the person a head of you. You later do realize that the water bottle rolled under the pedals.

Things to NOTE:
  • Always keep your bottles in car bottle holders or in a bag.
  • Before the journey always check out for any object that can roll and do this. 
Let’s make our roads safe for road users. Observe Road Safety!

Credits: Road Safety and Safe Driving Practices

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