What Is Really Happening In The Online Bus Booking World?

by Bus Kenya
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It has now been 12 days since the total shutdown in the online booking platforms of at least five bus company in Kenya. The shutdown had affected office and online bookings with which Tahmeed Coach was adversely affected. The bus company was in a complete standstill for about two days before office operations were reinstated by their services provider.

Online booking is one of the fastest growing mode of booking in Kenya with which many of the major companies in Kenya have adopted it with Dreamline Express having recently adopted a new service provider which has proven to offer advanced, efficient and state of art system. The booking system usually come with an office system with an arranged booking website and an application.

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What we fail to understand is why the six bus company’s online booking platforms are yet to function as it is now twelve days of no online bookings. The question that we would like to pass to the service provider is definitely why its taking them so long to sort this issue out. Loyal customers have now been asking questions why some of the bus companies online bookings are not functional.

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