Total Blackout As Online Booking Platforms Seize To Function

by Bus Kenya

Online booking is one among the greatest achievements that majority ofย  bus companies in Kenya have ever had. The platforms have enabled an ease in booking, reduced queues in offices and the expenses one had to incur before one have successfully purchased a ticket to their desired destinations.

Today however many users of the online platforms came to a surprise as a majority of bus companies serving with an online booking website gave out a ‘database error’ response when the services were tried to be accessed. Among the affected bus companies include;
  • Tahmeed Coach
  • Buscar
  • Randa Coach
  • Guardian Coach
  • Mombasa Raha
  • Palmers Coach

Sources indicate that the server where the bus companies database is hosted has been under a cyber attack hence leading to the database shutdown mechanism. Its now over 3 hours since the incident happened. Restoration of the error to normal state is currently underway.

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