Reasons Why Modern Coast Had To Quit Nairobi – Dar es Salaam Route

by Bus Kenya

Modern Coast one of Kenya’s biggest transport company operating the East Africa region quits Nairobi – Dar es Salaam route. The move that occurred over the week came to a little or no surprise as customers from Modern Coast complained of the constant delays on the time of departure.

However according to Modern Coast management the company had to quit the route due to the lack of customers plying that route leading to losses. It also pointed out on the issue of wear and tear caused to the buses operating the route plus the high costs during breakdowns which was a tricky part to have a rescue bus sent for the passengers.

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A post in one of the social media groups cited how Modern Coast were the cause of their own downfall in that route.

Modern Coast is a big company na ina hadhi kubwa sana that is a reality ila hii route ya Dar – Nairobi mlizingua nyinyi wenyewe…

The post further clarified 3 major reason citing continuous delays, poor entertainment from the company and lack of refreshments such as drinking water.

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The post cited on the continuous delays travelers experienced as the bus company had to wait for passengers from Kampala.

hii route ya Kampala kwanini msingeitafutia alternative instead ya kuisubirisha gari ya Nirobi to Dar… Kumchelewesha abiria ni kujitia ki**le mwenyewe..

Entertainment & Refreshments
The post also clarified that the company had the tendency of having no entertainment from the bus. It also went further in stating how Modern Coast lacked refreshment like drinking water while other bus companies operating the route offered a variety of refreshments from sweets, soda, biscuits and water.

Refreshments nako ni changamoto, such a big company like Modern huwezi toa maji pekeake, aisee hapo ndipo Dar Lux anachukua points zote… Dar Lux anatoa pipi, soda biscuits, maji…

Currently the bus companies operating the Nairobi – Dar es Salaam route are; Dar Lux, Dar Express, Tahmeed Coach and Sai Baba.

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