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    Monday, 22 October 2018

    Passengers Stranded As Simba Bus Develops Rear Tyre Problems

    A previously taken picture of Simba Coach bus 
    Simba Coach (Busia - Mombasa) passengers will have to spend their night in Nakuru town after the bus that they were travelling in developed rear tyre problems. The passenger had left Busia town at around 2pm expecting to reach to their destination in the early morning of Monday the 22nd October.

    The bus had developed a rear tyre problem and had passengers stranded since 8pm. The bus staffs had assured the passengers that the problem was minor and needed a few minutes to fix but to their dismay were later informed to way for a rescue bus in the early mornings of the next day.

    Many of the passengers had travelled home to catch up with their family and friends during the Mashujaa Holiday and were expected to report for work on Monday.


    1. 1 will never board those buses again. They don't deliver what they promise

      1. Share your story... What really happened that you wont again travel with Simba Coach buses?


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