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Dreamline Express To Soon Launch Its Online Booking Portal

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Dreamline Express, one of Kenya’s fastest growing bus company will soon launch its online booking portal. The booking portal which is a website now on trial will help ease congestion and queues experienced in their booking offices all over the country.

Sample of dreamline booking website

The move by the company to have an upgrade in their system of booking was brought about after numerous outcries by the company’s loyal customers to have a working booking website from the company to easen the burden of visiting or calling the company whenever they needed to make a travel reservation or booking.

Dreamline customer previous outcry

We expect the booking website to be up and running during this highly awaited rush season where most bus company tend to reap high profits taking advantage of the need, urge and anticipation travelers have during the long  Christmas holidays where most people would love to spend it with their family and friends.

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