Things To Consider Before Deciding On What Bus To Travel With

by Bus Kenya

Traveling by bus is always a great option. Not only can you save cash on a flight but you can also opt to take a night bus, covering a lot of ground without losing time. The journey itself can be challenging with lots of ups and downs if you get to choose the wrong type of bus to travel with.

After having taken numerous bus travel over the years, I’ve come up with a few great tips on how  to select the best bus to travel with hopefully making your experience easier, safer and most importantly memorable.

1. Make Sure The Route Is Safe.
Check on local media and news on the physical state of the road you intend to travel. This is very vital as taking any wrong move will lead to you being stranded on the road for hows or days before getting to your desired destination.
2. Ensure The Bus To Travel With Is Of Good Condition.
Always make inquiry from the booking clerk on what bus you are going ton travel with on the day of travel. This will help on reducing the frustration many passengers tend to experince on their day of travel as they wait for hours after the designated time of travel stated on the travel ticket.
3. Choose The Bus Company That Value Passengers Safety and Valuables.
Make thorough research on the best bus companies that always value their passengers. A passenger should always be treated a King/Queen. This should begin from passengers valuable/belonging and their life while on the road. Careless driving always can lead to death.
4. Always Book From The Relevant Office Counter.
Make a tendency of always booking at the booking office counters. Avoid the brokers that tend to lure you into booking trap that will lead to frustration and lose of your money on the day of travel. Fraud is everywhere and opportunities always come once. Avoid this like a plague to ensure you are not turned into goods to transported with different kind of public means.
Stranded passengers along Msa – Nrb road
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5. Book A Travel Ticket With Known Or Recognized Bus Companies.

Make sure to book a bus that is recognized and trusted in the country. Some companies are always a sham. You will end up virtually traveling to your destinations on your day of travel with no shoulder to cry on.
With these few key points on things consider before traveling to your destination, you will always be safe and have a memorable experience to share to your family and friends. You can also share with us the travel experience you had that you will never forget.

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