List of Bus Companies Traveling To Kitui Town From Mombasa

by Bus Kenya

Kitui town is one of the fastest growing town in the Eastern part of Machakos. Did you the name Kitui means the place where iron products were made? You can now travel the adventurous trip to Kitui with a variety of comfortable and luxury buses that operates daily to the town from Mombasa.

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Here is the list of Bus Companies that operates to Kitui daily;

  • Dreamline Express
  • Tahmeed Coach
  • Simba Coach
  • Mash East Africa
  • Modern Coast
  • Coast Bus
  • Others

The price to Kitui ranges from Ksh.1000 to Ksh.1200 depending on the comfortability and services offered while onboard. Visit any offices near you to make reservations/bookings to the land of the Iron Smiths. Bus Kenya, We Will Take You There..

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