List Of Bus Companies Traveling Mombasa – Lamu Route

by Bus Kenya

Did you know that Lamu or Lamu Island is one among the oldest inhabited places in Kenya.? Travel to Lamu Island and experience the vast sceneries while on your way to Mokowe. There are a number of Bus Companies plying the Lamu route which differ with departure time, comfortability to travel prices. The journey to Lamu is always epic with countless police check points or barriers without forgetting the ViP police escort from Minijila to the end of your journey home that is Mokowe town.

To get to Lamu Town you either become a fish and swim all your way to kilometers of waterway or a little boat ride/speed at a price of Ksh.150. The following are the bus companies that travel to Lamu:

  • Simba Coach
  • Mombasa Raha
  • Tahmeed Coach
  • Tawakal Coach
  • TSS
  • Others
For Travel plans to Lamu, visit any of the above named Bus Companies offices and enjoy a variety of buses to take you for the unforgotten adventure of your life. Bus Kenya, We Will Take You There..

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Unknown 11/07/2019 - 11:40 AM

tahmeed doesnot go to lamu anymore


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