How SGR Train Launch Will Be A Disadvantage To Bus Companies In Kenya

by Bus Kenya

The Passenger’s SGR Train Was Officially Launched Today Wednesday 31st May By The President H.E Uhuru Kenyatta. The Project Which Costed Billions Of Taxpayers Money Was Eagerly Awaited By The People As It Had Promised Half The Price Levied By The Bus Companies From Mombasa to Nairobi and Vice-versa.

During The Launch Of The SGR, The President Instructed The The SGR Management Not To Charge More Than Ksh.700 For The Economy Class Favoring The Common Mwananchi Who Were Promise A Travel Cost Of Half The Price Charged By The Bus Companies. The VIP/First Class Will Cost Ksh.3000 Per Passenger To Travel From Mombasa To Nairobi and Vice-versa.

Just Like Any Innovation In The World, SGR Trains Has Both Its Advantages To the People and Also Its Disadvantages To The People:
  • The Travel Cost In The Economy Class Will Be Half The Cost Of The Bus Travel Cost
  • The Travel Time From Mombasa Will Be Reduced From 8 – 10 Hours By Bus Travel To 4 – 5 Hours By The SGR
  • The SGR Will Not Be Affected By The Traffic Jam Experienced at Mariakana and Other Parts Mostly Affected By Traffic Jam
  • The SGR Will Cause Unemployment To Many Citizens Employed In The Bus Companies. This Includes Drivers, Conductors and Booking Clerks
  • It Will Highly Affect Bus Company’s Operation Through The High Competition Brought By The SGR Lower Prices
  • The SGR Has No Comfort Compared To Bus Companies Due To Its Lack Of Comfy Leather Seats, Hand Rest and Reclining In The Economy Class.
  • The SGR Has No Charging Sockets Or Ports Hence Most Of The Dot Com Generation Will Be Affected Since One Will Have To Fully Charge His/Her Phone From Home
  • The SGR trains Are Highly Congested Since One Cabin Can Accommodate 100 Passengers Or More
  • The Trains Lack Refreshments Like Drinking Water, Sodas and Cakes Given By Bus Companies To The Passengers
  • The Trains Will For Now Only Cover Mombasa – Nairobi Route Giving An Advantage To Only those Traveling On That Route

With The Highlights Of Both The Advantages and Disadvantages, We Will Like To Challenge Our Bus Companies To Have Counter Measures In Ensuring That The Battle Started Will Be Fought With Caution. One Wrong Step and You Are Down For Good.

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