The Most Attractive Bus Company Offices In Malindi, Kenya

by Bus Kenya
Have You Ever Wondered What Office Beauty Is in The Bus Industry In Kenya.? Then Here Is Where to Discover Different Office Beauty In The Industry.

First We Look At BusCar Ltd. Its Office Is Equipped With Air Condition At The Huge Door Entrance and Metallic Sits. The Office Also Is Equipped with Water Dispenser For Its Customer To Quench their Thirst Once They Get Into Their Offices For Booking, Considering the Hot Weather Condition In Malindi. The Office Is Also Colorful and Has a HD TV to Entertain The Travelers Awaiting To Departure.

Moving On to The Next Bus Company, We Get to Simba Coach Office. The Office Has A Huge Door Entrance Equipped With With Metal Sits For Their Customer. The Office Also Is Colorful With Its Simba Coach Writings On The Wall. The Office Also Has Beautiful Office Agents To Serve The Customers With Smiling Faces and a HD TV To Entertain Customers Visiting the Office.

Last We Look At DreamLine Ltd. The Entrance Door Is Made Of Glass With ‘Dreamline Express’ Writings and Bus Pictures On It. The Office Has Plastic Sits Beautifully Arranged. The Office Is Spacious and Has a HD TV Installed At The Wall For Entertainment. The Office Is Also Colorful and Attractive to The Eye.

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