Simba Coach Golden Dragon Bus alias Earthplane

by Bus Kenya

The Golden Dragon famously known us Earth Plane is one of the fastest Buses In Kenya under one among the Oldest Bus Companies in Kenya;Simba Coach Limited…

It has has an Engine Capacity of  Approcimately 8,900 cc, Engine Type – CUMMINS ISLEE4, Compression ratio of 16.6 and fuel Type Diesel.

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It has a power of 239kW (320 bhp), Torque of 1,300 and an average top speed of Approximately 120km/h and never to forget Its a 6 geared machine of Front wheel drive.

Its Interior is so furnished with inclining comfy seat, USB port charging system, an in-built refrigerator plus Air Condition system an added advantage to the people at the Coast of Kenya.

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Never Miss Miss Out Such a Memorable Travel Experience With Golden Dragon. The Fastest Bus In Kenya.!

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Anonymous 08/10/2016 - 4:49 AM

Good page layout, the grammar should be better and also some of the information is not accurate. A bit more research by liaising with the company officials will be helpful to the articles.

Said Hiribae 08/10/2016 - 5:32 AM

Thank You. Will do research on my future post. Kindly drop your contact info or link so we can be in touch.
Bless you

Fredrick Muthuka 05/12/2017 - 3:18 PM

Can I get a tonight bus (10pm)?

Bus Kenya 05/12/2017 - 3:50 PM

Yeah the bus is available at Ksh. 1200 Msa – Nrb

Fredrick Muthuka 05/12/2017 - 4:00 PM

Ok give me the full procedure I wanna pay now. (Nrb-
msa) Hope it has wifi

Fredrick Muthuka 05/12/2017 - 4:22 PM

Bado mko?

Unknown 17/12/2017 - 6:00 PM

How much is a bus from Nairobi- mombasa on friday night

Xnu Wallace 14/04/2018 - 7:47 AM

I want information on Nairobi-Kampala bus. I want to book for Monday 16/4/2018. I have nine boxes containing bible gifts destined for churches in Uganda. Advice or give me phone number I can call. I wanted to book tomorrow sunday

Bus Kenya 15/04/2018 - 9:47 AM

Hello Wallace, kindly contact 0723 370 380 for bookings and inquiries for Nrb – Kpl


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